At CJB Applied Technologies, we use our expertise and experience to provide you with a quality Contract Development experience and a formulation that is both effective and efficient. We get your formulation ideas ready for full-scale production.

We can then connect you with a chemical toll manufacturer (perhaps our sister company, CJB Industries) to begin full-scale production. If you have your own equipment, then you can take your formulation and go straight to production.

In the end, the formula is yours; we just help you get to it quicker.

You can trust CJB Applied Technologies to handle your formulation development projects with discretion and expertise to generate a high probability of success. Our proven process, equipment, and team will help bring your new product to life—allowing you to concentrate on achieving the targets you are responsible for.

Contract Development with CJB Applied Technologies


Pesticide formulation is a true specialty of CJB Applied Technologies. Pesticide development projects differ from other chemical formulation projects because all the ingredients and the finished product must be registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (for products sold in the U.S.) or with the appropriate agencies in other countries. These products are regulated by the label placed on them and the claims they make. It takes a broader experience to understand, develop, and produce this type of product. This becomes a bigger challenge when your product idea is for an organic/OMRI-certified or even a biological product.

In the world of agriculture, when you miss a timeline, you can miss an entire growing season. Our system of milestones keeps the product on track and keeps you informed of the progress.



If you are ready to begin, let us know. We will use our decades of expertise in the lab to bring your idea and product to life.

CJB Applied Technologies can move you through the product cycle—development, formulation, testing, scale-up, and packaging—with efficiency and ease.

Our team’s industry knowledge is irrefutable. Our laboratory, pilot plant production services, commercial scale-up, and commitment to your success will bring you the results you deserve.