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Discover how CJB Applied Technologies (CAT) is leading the charge in agricultural innovation with its recent EPA crop tolerance exemption for using benzyl alcohol in crop protection formulations. We sat down with Chief Commercial Officer Jim Loar to discuss this game-changing development that has shown great potential to improve crop protection efficacy and boost yields.

Boosting Performance for a Resilient Future

Benzyl alcohol (BnOH), an ingredient added to crop protection chemical formulations, has been shown to improve the performance of crop protection formulations. It has the potential to be used as an adjuvant or formulated directly into products as an in-can constituent. The significance of this innovation lies in the potential to boost crop protection products performance and profitability for the agricultural sector.

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Special EPA Crop Tolerance Exemption: A Testament to Safety

  • A crop tolerance exemption is an authorization provided by the US EPA.
  • This exception allowance signifies that when a compound is used following approved guidelines, the resulting crop residue levels, if any, are deemed safe for the environment and for human consumption, posing no significant health or environmental risks. 
  • Obtaining such an exemption involves rigorous evaluation of the compound’s health impacts and its potential buildup in food products. This evaluation typically includes toxicity studies, exposure assessments, and residue studies. 
  • When the compound adheres to safety standards, a residue tolerance exemption is granted, enabling its use on specific crops under specified application conditions. Ultimately, this exemption helps guarantee that an application on crops maintains food safety by avoiding potentially harmful residues.

CAT’s EPA exemption is a significant milestone. As Jim Loar emphasizes:

“EPA needs to know that it’s safe. Now that we’ve been given the green light for safety, this creates a tremendous opportunity for the agricultural community to use benzyl alcohol to develop and deploy new formulations and see how it can have a great impact on crop protection, yield, and profit.”

Approved through this rigorous process, the EPA’s green light underscores BA’s safety profile and its potential to add substantial value to crop protection.

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Combating Pesticide Resistance for Higher Yields

Pesticide resistance is a pressing concern in modern agriculture. Mother nature continues to innovate, and weeds and diseases have become increasingly resilient to pesticide use. Jim highlights how benzyl alcohol offers a potential solution: 

“Benzyl alcohol as an in-can constituent helped to improve the ability of the active ingredients tested to overcome tolerance and/or resistance.” This breakthrough could mean higher yields, and ultimately, greater profitability for growers.

-Jim Loar, CJB Applied Technologies

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Licensing the Future: What’s in it for You

CAT’s patent for using benzyl alcohol in agricultural formulations opens doors for broader applications across agriculture. By licensing this patent and practicing the art, formulators gain access to cutting-edge technology that can help transform formulations. As Jim eloquently puts it, “We work with many companies across the ag space… developing tools such as benzyl alcohol is our investment into the industry.”

  • Organizations who hold a license for the benzyl alcohol patent can use BnOH as either a standalone adjuvant or as an in-can constituent in their formulations. CJB Applied Technologies intends to broadly  license the right to practice the art covered by the patent. 
  • Moreover, the licensing will also allow the licensee to cite the data submitted to the EPA for the benzyl alcohol regulatory package with their chemical formulations. 

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A Call to Action: Get on the Forefront of Crop Protection Innovation

The future of crop protection is here, and CAT is at the forefront. If you’re ready to enhance your formulations, help boost yields, and drive innovation in agriculture, give us a call. Learn how licensing CAT’s benzyl alcohol patent can elevate your products and contribute to a more resilient agricultural future.

“We work with many companies across the ag space and we’re always looking for ways to add value to our customer and ag in general, and developing tools such as benzyl alcohol is our investment in the industry

We’ll continue to innovate and to look for ways to add value to our customers and the industry in general – new technologies, new formulations, new formulation types, new value adds, new synergists, new production techniques, new value adds.” 

– Jim Loar, CJB Applied Technologies 

Contact us today to explore the possibilities of licensing this groundbreaking technology. 

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