How To Get Started

1. Initial Discussion

Project Alignment – make sure we are the best fit or we can help find a better path for your project.

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2. Develop Mutual NDA

Respect confidentiality and protect intellectual property.

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3. Detailed Project Discussions

Build an understanding of the specifics of the project and any special requirements.

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4. Quote

Estimate project in phases giving you flexibility to alter the plan based on milestones.

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5. Agree on a Timeline

Many projects are completed within a 90-day timeframe. Some can span a year or two.

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6. Execute Project

Experts following a proven process with well-equipped facilities and tools.

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7. Deliver Results

We review the project to make sure the finished result meets your expectations.

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First Step - Initial Discussion

Second Step - Develop Mutual NDA

Third Step - Detailed Project Discussions

Fourth Step - Quote

Fifth Step - Agree on a Timeline

Sixth Step - Execute Project

Seventh Step - Deliver Results

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New Facility

  • CJB Applied Technologies New Facility

CJB Applied Technologies recently completed construction and has moved its operations to a new state of the art technology center. The new site provides over 10,000 square feet of office, lab and pilot plant areas, as well as a spacious greenhouse. The facility provides enhanced capabilities for formulation development and optimization, test method development, analytical testing, product performance testing, commercial scale-up, and more. The new contract development focused site is an investment in the customers served by CJB Applied Technologies.