Your Project. Our Process. A Proven Path To Success.

Our team at CJB Applied Technologies understands the care with which you approach your product projects. That’s why we’ve developed a step-by-step process that protects your project while providing transparency and collaboration throughout the product development journey. Learn more about how we shepherd your project from concept to market in our eBook.

1. Initial Discussion

Tell us about your product concept so we can make sure our expertise and equipment meet your needs.

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2. Develop Mutual NDA

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) demonstrates we value your rights to confidentiality and intellectual property protection.

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3. Detailed Project Discussions

Together we’ll build an understanding of the project specifics and scope of work.

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4. Quote

We’ll estimate the project cost in phases to give you the flexibility to alter the plan based on milestones.

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5. Set a Timeline

We’ll set and abide by the timeline that meets your needs. Many projects are completed within 90 days; others can span a year or two.

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6. Execute Project

Our experts will follow a proven process with well-equipped facilities and tools.

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7. Deliver Results

We review the project to make sure the finished result meets your expectations.

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First Step - Initial Discussion

Second Step - Develop Mutual NDA

Third Step - Detailed Project Discussions

Fourth Step - Quote

Fifth Step - Agree on a Timeline

Sixth Step - Execute Project

Seventh Step - Deliver Results

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  • Innovating Formulation Development

At CJB Applied Technologies, innovation is part of each day. Our facilities feature state-of-the-art laboratories, an onsite greenhouse, pilot plant production services, and commercial scale-up capabilities. In addition to our synthetic chemistry lab, we house a Biosafety Level II bioconversions lab, which is integral to advancing techniques required to overcome challenges associated with the growing biological formulations sector. We bring our expertise, experience and equipment to our collaborations with you so we can accelerate product development and turn your business ideas into profits and cashflow.

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