What Is the Future of Biological Formulations?

CJB Applied Technologies is excited about our new bioconversions lab and the field of biological formulations.

We’re investing in the future and taking the initiative to develop this area of our service offerings.

Here are some thoughts on what’s next for the biological space.

What is the Future of Preservation Technologies in Biological Formulations?

Shelf life is an important issue when it comes to producing a biological formulation. However, there aren’t many options for natural preservatives that will work with natural and organic products. Right now, some biologicals rely on synthetic preservation technologies for buffered or acidic environments to maintain the chemical structures of the active ingredients.

Seeking natural/organic preservatives is an ongoing focus area for CJB Applied Technologies. We believe there’s a way to modify microorganisms to produce valuable active ingredients in combination with byproducts while supporting them with commercially viable shelf life.

What Are the Future Methods of Testing for Biological Formulations?

We anticipate testing biological products in a more standardized and sustainable way that ultimately may be less expensive. For example, when some scientists trial biological products, they’re applied to a large area that doesn’t allow for multiple variables to be introduced in a controlled manner. Precise testing on a smaller scale—such as in a greenhouse—allows for greater control and variable manipulation.

Artificial intelligence (AI) may play a significant role in future testing protocols and methods because of the capability to quantify parameters and limitations and predict conclusions and results. AI may help us arrive at specific answers quicker than current testing methods. Using AI may reduce or alleviate the need to use physical resources such as greenhouses to arrive at solutions.

In the future, we will be able to create environments where biological products are applied and tested more efficiently. The more we understand other innovative farming techniques—such as hydroponics, aeroponics, urban agriculture, etc.—the more we can approach sustainable production methods utilizing biological products.

What Is the Future of Regulations in Biological Formulations?

Regulation and use approval of microorganisms is an expensive, lengthy process. There needs to be a collaborative effort among government agencies, research communities, and formulators to speed up the approval process. A balance between commercial value and the protection of society and the environment should be the goal.

For example, plant extracts, such as essential oils, are currently used in medicine and food. However, a debate arises when it comes to their use in formulations and agricultural applications. Scientists and formulation chemists must do a lot of testing, and it’s not cheap. Regulatory misalignment may discourage researchers and companies that are developing formulations from advancing their projects.

COVID-19 has made the USDA approval process much more difficult because of the concern of transporting and transferring live organisms. CJB Applied Technologies is focused on this challenge to serve our international customers better.

What’s Next for CJB Applied Technologies’ Bioconversions Lab?

The future of biologicals holds many possibilities. Like many in the field, we’re still trying to decipher the different synergies and challenges in the matrix of formulations. We’re also attempting to understand the synergies and challenges in the mix tanks when farmers apply these products. This investigation and research will help us develop predictability and improved outcomes in the biological field.

With increased research and testing and more solutions being introduced and approved, formulators will have a broader range of ingredients to use in biological formulations. We also anticipate seeing various combinations of products that target different challenges.

Advances in gene sequencing and gene modifications may also increase our capabilities of using microorganisms and their potential benefits in agriculture.

Bio-Applications Scientist Working in Bioconversions Lab

The Future of Biological Formulations

Now you know more about the future of biological formulations and why CJB Applied Technologies wants to be a part of it.

We’re eager to use our new bioconversions lab to help our customers create new products and continue our research and development in the field of biologicals.

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