Contract Development Services

Looking for assistance with formulation development?

Here at CJB Applied Technologies, we will work with you to find the perfect formula. We specialize in the development of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered products, but we also work in less regulated specialty chemical areas, as well.

Our expertise includes the following formulation types:

  • Suspension Concentrates
  • Dry Flowables
  • Extruded Granules
  • Soluble Liquids
  • Emulsifiable Concentrates
  • Impregnated Granules
  • Stabilized Emulsions
  • Suspo-emulsions
  • Baits

Here’s how we can help:

When formulating a registered product, we optimize the chemical and/or biological and physical properties for the target crops and pests. We consider the conditions needed for manufacturing, handling and storage, the potential environmental conditions at application (e.g., water, pH, temperature), and more.

No two concepts or products are the same. At CJB Applied Technologies, our development process will turn your ideas into effective products quickly. We have the appropriate process, team, equipment, safety protocols, testing methods and experience to optimize the product development cycle to reduce the time between project startup and commercialization.

What does this look like?

Laboratory Development: Our team of highly skilled formulation chemists rely on our state-of-the-art laboratories, which include our synthetic chemistry lab and a bioconversions lab. The Biosafety Level II bioconversions lab is integral to advancing techniques required to overcome challenges associated with biological formulations.

Our labs are ground zero for many critical development steps, including:

  • Identifying the most appropriate formulation type – anything from suspension concentrates and suspoemulsions to wettable powders and impregnated granules
  • Testing proper shelf-life, compatibility with potential tank-mix partners, product performance, and other desired characteristics
  • Ensuring the formulation meets handling, storage and application requirements

Greenhouse Testing: After developing several formulation options in the lab, we test those in our onsite greenhouse. Having a greenhouse onsite means quicker, more efficient testing. This allows us to make more timely formulation improvements in the lab and retest in the greenhouse until we’ve narrowed the pool of candidates.

We’re ready to help take your idea from concept to market-ready. Contact us today!

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