What We Do

At CJB Applied Technologies, we innovate to help get your chemical product ideas to market, faster and more efficiently.

Concept Development
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Pilot Plant Production
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Analytical Testing
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Biological Lab
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Laboratory Services
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Commercial Scale-up
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Greenhouse Lab
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Contract Development

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Scale-up/Pilot Plant Production
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About Us

  • CJB Applied Technologies is a contract development services company specializing in agricultural and specialty chemicals development projects.
  • Full-service capabilities including project development, formulation, testing, scale-up and packaging.
  • Cutting-edge technologies and instrumentation to assess characteristics, performance and quality throughout the development process.
  • Industry-leading pilot plant assets where lab-scale hypotheses are confirmed and risks associated with industrial-scale production are mitigated.
  • A team with many decades of successful formulations and products developed and brought to the marketplace, quickly & effectively.

CJB Applied Technologies – Proven and Trusted Contract Development Services


New Facility

  • CJB Applied Technologies to Open New Facility
  • CJB Applied Technologies to Open New Facility - Image 2
  • CJB Applied Technologies to Open New Facility - Image 1

CJB Applied Technologies recently completed construction and has moved its operations to a new state of the art technology center. The new site provides over 10,000 square feet of office, lab and pilot plant areas, as well as a spacious greenhouse. The facility will provide enhanced capabilities for formulation development and optimization, test method development, analytical testing, product performance testing, commercial scale-up, and more. The new contract development focused site is an investment in the customers served by CJB Applied Technologies.