CJB has strategically aligned itself with the most prestigious organizations in the areas of chemical and crop protection products. And while there is tremendous value to be found in these memberships, the full scope of that value can only be experienced when members remain active participants in association work and events. In this article, we’ll discuss who those key associations are and how we maintain proactive memberships through peer networking, event attendance and council participation.

Key Points: 

  • As a value-added benefit to our customers, CJB maintains active memberships with three hallmark associations in their respective areas of specialty. 
  • These critical memberships allow us to expand our network to maintain quality partnerships and to stay abreast of emerging technologies and new legislation affecting the industry. 
  • CJB leadership and staff remain committed to maintaining connections within these associations so that we can pass that value on directly to our customers. 

Council of Producers and Distributors of Agrotechnology (CPDA) 

CPDA is one of the premiere voices in Agriculture for those businesses that support agriculture through the formulation, distribution and resale of adjuvants, inerts and crop protection products. 

A widespread community-based network, members of CPDA lean on the expertise of this association to lobby and advocate to legislative authorities on behalf of the membership. Member participation allows for industry experts to be the voice that educates, informs and represents these businesses and individuals both upward and downward. From writing legislation to maintaining open and effective communication across all channels, relevant topics and industry sectors, the value of this association truly comes from the investment of involvement and participation in working on committees and attending events. 

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Two Individuals Holding A Bucket With Tomatoes

CPDA is the premier advocate for formulators, distributors and manufacturers of agrotechnology in the United States.

CropLife America

CropLife America proudly aims to support and ensure the tools and technologies needed by growers and consumers to support healthy food and healthy people. CropLife initiates and maintains efforts to protect crops, communities, and ecosystems from the threat of pests, weeds and diseases in an environmentally sustainable way. 

With a strong focus on crop protection chemistry and the representation of EPA-registered crop protection products, the vast majority of this market share are members of CropLife America.  

Membership participation is encouraged through live events including quarterly and annual conferences, in-person meetings with members of the US Senate and Congress, and educating the industry on regulatory changes, including EPA, FDA and other governing bodies. 

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EPA-registered Crop Protection Products

CropLife America focuses largely on EPA-registered crop protection products.

The Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA) 

SOCMA is the preeminent organization representing specialty chemicals, and they focus largely on rising technologies, rising companies, and the latest happenings in the chemical market. 

They boast an unparalleled peer network and the highest level of expertise among a dedicated technical and professional staff. 

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Crowd Gathered At A Live Event

Live events and conferences are part of the value of crop protection industry association memberships.

Partner Value: Stewardship 

We love to talk about the resurgence of stewardship in today’s chemical and agricultural products market. 

By maintaining memberships within these industry associations, businesses position themselves to continue to provide excellent product and service fulfillment to their customers through expansion and revenue growth. This encompasses a large part of the administration, management and operations that encompass stewardship. 

CJB Applied Technologies’ COO Jim Loar speaks to the importance of stewardship in the sense of conserving and maintaining, safekeeping, and building for longevity and future sustainability. 

“Part of stewardship is maintaining a business that will be here tomorrow for your customers. And we think that being associated with these organizations gives us knowledge and information to be able to run a high-quality, excellent business to provide for our customers for the long haul.” 

Jim Loar, CJB Applied Technologies

A large part of stewardship is having open discussions about what it looks like to run a good business that makes money. Some organizations are afraid to talk about this, but continued growth and revenue gains are what allow us to serve our customers better, which is the ultimate goal. 

Revenue growth helps us stay in business, reinvest in our business, and bring in new products and solutions that benefit our customers. 

This encompasses the full definition of stewardship. 

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Partner Value: Co-Creation 

One of the main values of industry association memberships is the ability to build peer networks and integral relationships.  

Industries and organizations have evolved. Many modern leaders understand that two companies working together, hand in glove, can collaborate to create new value, new products and new services for their customers and their markets. This is the essence of co-creation. 

Co-creation helps both parties in business to expand in knowledge, reach, growth and value delivery. 

Modern industry recognizes this important dynamic, and going forward, organizations will invest more time in co-creation – activities that build and maintain key partnerships – becoming more dependent on relationships and on working together. 

“The most successful, long term, value added and profit-making projects that I have done during my career have been when I have been working with another company,” adds Jim. “If it’s about ‘us,’ it’s strategic and long-term.” 

Co-Creation at Its Best 

Jim recalls one such example of how long-term relationships provide value for years to come. 

“I used to be a competitor to, then a customer of, one of the major Ag companies and their president. Over the years we formed a long term relationship. 

Now he’s with a startup company that needs and utilizes the services we provide at CJB Applied Technologies.”

Because he knows and trusts us, we work well together. That’s what long-term, value added, trusting relationships get you–and these industry associations foster that,” Jim explains.

Man Speaking On A Phone

Networking to Provide Solutions

Maintaining a strong peer industry network allows associates to step in and provide answers to friends and partners in need. 

Jim remembers working with a long-time industry friend. Both eventually parted ways for new career opportunities but maintained their relationship. When Jim changed employers, his former coworker eventually did the same. When his friend was ready to move on once again, he reached back out to Jim, and Jim’s team was fortunate to hire him. 

From career advancements and candidate referrals to positioning interns and assisting with startups, relationships are the foundation of good business practice, problem solving, and being a valuable partner and friend.  

Top 6 Benefits of Crop Protection Products Industry Association Memberships 

  1. Advocacy and Assistance with Lobbying and Writing of Legislation 
  2. Stay Abreast of Industry Trends, Technologies and Regulations 
  3. Build and Sustain Valuable Relationships with Customers, Suppliers, Distributors and Businesses
  4. Long-Term Demonstrated Value and Credibility through Established and Premier Organizations 
  5. Keeping Customers Informed and Compliant with Standards, Regulations and Industry Best Practices
  6. Demonstrated and Proven Commitment to Remaining a High-Quality, Trusted Business Partner to Your Customers 

We Build Value So We Can Pass It Along to You 

CJB Applied Technologies aims to remain strong and formidable for many more years to come, and one of the best ways we go about doing that is by affiliating with premiere industry associations through active membership participation. This helps us forge strong and lasting partnerships among key individuals and organizations, stay abreast of the latest industry regulations, trends, and emerging technologies, and to press forward with continued growth to remain sustainable for both current and future customers. 

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