Introducing CJB Applied Technologies’ New Bioconversions Lab

Biological product development is a growing business for CJB Applied Technologies.

That’s why we’re investing in assets and capabilities for product and formulation development of biologicals.

Here’s an introduction to our new bioconversions lab and how it can help our customers with their biological formulations.

What Happens in a Bioconversions Lab?

The process of bioconversion involves converting organic materials into valuable products or energy sources for biological agents.

In a bioconversions lab, scientists use fermentation processes to sustainably produce biological compounds such as amino acids, enzymes, and preservatives as critical components of commercial products.

CJB Applied Technologies’ experts have the equipment, knowledge, and skills to deliver and support the front-end to back-end development of liquid and dry biological formulations, which may influence agriculture towards sustainable production.

What Role Do Biological Compounds Play in Agriculture?

Biological compounds play a critical role in various elements of agriculture, such as promoting and regulating plant growth and improving soil health and nutrient efficiency.

However, at the same time, the components have to be simple to use and safe for producers, the community, and the environment.

Why Has the Demand for Biological Products Increased?

Improvements in biological product development and consumer awareness have boosted the sector’s growth and demand for biological products.

The work done in a bioconversions lab affects several aspects of creating products and ingredients that impact agriculture’s “green” space.

How Can CJB Applied Technologies’ Bioconversions Lab Help Customers?

CJB Applied Technologies has invested in a bioconversions lab and research capabilities to provide our team with cutting-edge tools needed for the biological sector in agriculture.

Dr. Nigel Chimbetete, Ph.D., heads up the lab and team.

“Product and formulation development in biologicals is a growing space, and, frankly, a space that other scientists like myself are seeking to understand better to innovate and add value.” — Dr. Nigel Chimbetete, Ph.D.

Our bioconversions lab offers customers a unique opportunity for processing, an essential step in developing biological formulations. Maintaining the chemical structure throughout the development process is crucial to optimizing the product’s application, efficacy, and shelf life.

The scientists in our bioconversions lab can design and improve current processes in biological production at a benchtop level. They can assess the needs and concerns that could come up during pilot plant and commercial production.

Chimbetete says his team receives satisfaction in creating products that add value and which customers demand.

“We’re also a team that believes in choice, and that creating efficacious and sustainable biological products is one of the key factors that may help protect and preserve our ecosystem into the future.” — Dr. Nigel Chimbetete, Ph.D.

Scientist in New Bioconversions Lab

CJB Applied Technologies’ New
Bioconversions Lab

Now you know more about CJB Applied Technologies’ new bioconversions lab and how it can help customers with biological formulations.

We knew we needed to invest in biological product development to keep up with market growth and our customers’ needs. Our new facility, ongoing studies, and development in the biological space will help introduce new formulations for our customers.

To learn more about CJB service offerings in biological formulations, contact us today.