VALDOSTA, Ga.July 28, 2021 — CJB Applied Technologies today announced the opening of its new Bioconversions Lab, a resource highlighting the company’s resolve to invest in assets and capabilities that benefit its customers.

Dr. Nigel Chimbetete, Ph.D., will manage all operational components of the new Biological Safety Lab, Level II, and its team.

“Contract projects, product and formulations development for biologicals is a growing business for CJB Applied Technologies,” said Jim Loar, Chief Commercial Officer. “We must continue to invest in this growth and in the needs of our customers to remain a valued business partner.”

“The Bioconversions Lab has the requisite equipment, knowledge and skills to support the front-end to back-end of both liquid and dry biological formulations,” Dr. Chimbetete said. “Through fermentation processes, we can sustainably produce biological compounds such as amino acids, enzymes and preservatives that function as key components of our customers’ commercial products.”

About CJB Applied Technologies, LLC
CJB Applied Technologies, LLC is a contract development services company specializing in agricultural and specialty chemicals development projects. Full-service capabilities include consulting, project and product development, formulation, scale-up/pilot plant and packaging.