Mission and Vision


At CJB; we work together to improve today for a better world tomorrow as we move forward to be the most-respected company in the world.


“Our CJB family mission is to prosper together by safely providing exceptional chemical services.”

CJB Applied Technologies Team
A Scientist Working In A Lab

Mission and Culture

Our R.I.T.E.S.


Respect is having an appreciation for each other even though we are different. We will respect each other by appreciating our differences and treating all our encounters with dignity.


Integrity is being consistent in our words, actions, and values without compromise. We will treat our fellow associates, customers, business partners, vendors, and community with fairness, honesty, and consistency in all our dealings.


Trust is being honest with each other even when honesty is not the easiest answer. We believe in open communications and doing what is right at all times.


Excellence is a goal realized through continued improvement. We believe in the betterment of our company, our community, and ourselves. We pursue this value through improvement in communication, people, education, training, procedures, processes, and systems coupled with consistently doing what is right.


Stewardship is the responsibility of taking care of something or someone that does not necessarily belong to us. We believe in being good stewards of our company, our customers, our business partners, environment, community, and ourselves.