Success Stories

“Without CJB my company would lose large-batch production of our tole operations. However, with CJB Applied Technologies, we have a consistent manufacturer that fits our schedule! They provided our products as we needed them — conveniently and on-time. We are so happy our references steered us toward CJB Applied Technologies and we will do the same. “

Stephen Davis, Bart Labs

CJB Applied Technologies has all of the necessary certifications which made me and my company trust their performance and name. They did not let us down. CJB offered rapid scale-up and their labs and technologies were well-equipped to fulfill our needs. When tole manufacturing season is busy so are we, and CJB Applied Technologies kept us competitive in fertilizer toll manufacturing.”

Debra Rosewood, Soil Tech Industries

When we scale-up our toll production, CJB Applied Technologies won us over. With competitive pricing, a strong reputation and a workable timeline CJB made getting the job pain-free. They ensure quality and punctuality for large and small batches!”

John Smith, Dyver Corp.