Contract Development Services

Formulation Development
We work with you to find the perfect formula. We specialize in development of EPA registered products but work in less regulated areas as well. When formulating a registered product, we consider the physical and biological control properties for the target organism and/or crops, mode of transportation of the product and environmental conditions of field application, pesticide, shelf-life, application environment (e.g. water, pH, temperature), and more.


Production Process Development and Optimization

No two products are the same! Our customized production process scale-up will turn your ideas into real-life new products quickly.


Lab Trial Batch Production

Create lab quantities of your chemistries for use in further development. Lab scale tests help determine effectiveness and shelf life.


Liquid and Dry Milling:

CJB Applied Technologies has capabilities for liquid and dry milling processes. Particle sizes down to half a micron (0.5) or lower, with various technologies that are suited to biological or conventional products.


IP Management


Analyze and enhance strategic patenting issues

Third-Party Verification

Independent analysis and reporting ensures quality and veracity.


Test Method Development

This includes a quantitative analysis of chemical properties to find the answers you are currently missing. Test method development helps you create cutting-edge products from the beginning with better formulations for enhanced stability. CJB Applied Technologies finds new methods to assess efficacy, performance and quality.