In our previous blog, we discussed pilot production and four important factors to remember. Once the pilot-scale production process is complete, you will have some inventory of your new product for testing.  At this point, the CDMO has successfully produced lab and pilot batches of your chemical product and it is time to scale up.

Toll chemical manufacturing is the service of taking someone else’s raw materials and then processing, packaging, and shipping the final product. It is a way of outsourcing production, so you do not have to own or maintain manufacturing assets.

Manufacturing at Scale With a Toll Manufacturer

Chemical toll manufacturing allows you to take your idea to market in large quantities. It frees you from worrying about in-house safety regulations, human resource issues, and other time-consuming concerns that can slow your product launch.

You can contract for raw materials, packaging, and everything you need for full production. In the industry, this is known as “turnkey production.” However, most people who outsource chemical production find it is more efficient and less expensive to only purchase manufacturing as a service, rather than paying a producer to also procure your raw materials.

When you partner with an established CDMO and a professional chemical toll manufacturer, you can be confident your product will be taken swiftly from start to finish with a smooth transition from the lab to the pilot plant to full-scale production.